Basic Information
  • Head: Jeff
  • Client Name: RenArt
  • Client Request: Social media's cold start, social media consultant
C-Cubed Partnership Program

[Social Media Operation] [Integrated Media Planning] From the expansion of the initial number of people on social media to the maintenance of social media enthusiasm.

Provide Discord's social media cold-activated operation and coin-circle momentum build up; use social media events to drive the growth of the number of people; organize joint events across NFT projects; and plan social media projects with several artists such as, Ko Chen-tung, Aaron Yan, and Chen Bolin, while helping with the exposure of coin circles media and KOL. On the other hand, the project parties are assisted in forming a team of social media ambassadors so that they can operate independently to maintain the project.


In four weeks, the number of people grew by 1600% and over 2000% were online.

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