Holiday-themed NFT advertising strategies are all you want! Enterprise Web3 brand marketing should proceed in this manner!

The sense of ritual is what the younger generation values the most, and festivals of all kinds tend to generate a ton of user-generated content that is shared and discussed on social media. However, C-Cubed noticed that the majority of the festival NFTs were either one-off marketing initiatives or were just ineffectively run sitting ducks.

second half of the year? Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day are the next major holidays after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Do you want to know how to set up your NFT or Web 3 brand marketing to appeal to young consumers? Let C-Cubed fly with you right now (WAGMI!) to your holiday marketing inspiration🚀


Limited-edition NFT holiday gifts made available.

- Christmas NFT Marketing Case|Coach

- Christmas NFT Marketing Case|Marvel x VEVE

- Halloween NFT Marketing Case|Funko

- Valentine's Day NFT Marketing Case|Disney x VEVE

2. Promote festive events and bring new and existing customers into the membership community.

- National Day NFT Marketing Case|Macy's

- Christmas NFT Marketing Case|HYPE SECTION

3. Dare to enter the metaverse, brands! The metaverse is also celebrating the holidays.

4. Metaverse Festival Marketing, O2O customer guiding flow

- Halloween NFT Marketing Case|Chipotle x Metaverse Platform, Roblox

- Japanese Summer Festival, Valentine's Day NFT Marketing Case|ZEPETO Metaverse

5. C-Cubed's Viewpoints

- Web3 brand fans are both consumers and players.

Limited-edition NFT holiday gifts made available.

Many people have added NFTs to their list of holiday gift options due to the record-breaking volume of NFT transactions in 2021, whether it be a blue chip NFT with investment value like BAYC or CRYPTO PUNKS or a metaverse land like The Sandbox or Decentraland. You can also give virtual goods as gifts if the other party enjoys playing video games (Excuse us while we play it cool here. We will talk about it later).

For non-NFT players, it may be difficult to understand the meaning of receiving an NFT. As a result, many brands have begun to release 1:1 NFT festive merchandise alongside the real thing, enabling NFT to be combined with physical goods to enhance the gift's appeal.

Christmas NFT Marketing Case|Coach

One of the earliest and best-known examples of NFT marketing for the holiday season is the Christmas NFT marketing campaign "Snow City" by fashion brand Coach, which was launched in 2021. "Snow City" is not only a digital game full of Christmas atmosphere, the 8 animal characters inside are made into 8 kinds of Christmas-styled NFT. A limited number of 10 pieces will be given away for free each day in the week leading up to Christmas Eve, and those who are lucky enough to grab one will be able to redeem their NFT for a Christmas gift: a custom-made Coach bag!

Christmas NFT Marketing Case|Marvel x VEVE
Incorporating movie characters into limited-edition NFTs for the holidays is also profitable (Image credit: Marvel) (Image credit: Marvel)

In addition to the Disney IP series, VEVE has also acquired the license to issue Marvel comics and souvenirs with NFT. Guardians of the Galaxy - Holiday Groot", a Christmas NFT marketing item for the Guardians of the Galaxy character Groot, was released during the 2021 Christmas holiday, all for $40 in a Mystery Box digital file, available only on the VEVE App. The Christmas NFT marketing campaign is divided into three levels:

  • COMMON (28,888 pieces issued): Christmas-shaped Groot
  • UNCOMMON (18,888 pieces issued): Christmas-shaped Groot + Dynamic Christmas Atmosphere Light
  • RARE (9,888 pieces issued): Dancing Christmas-shaped Groot + Dynamic Christmas Atmosphere Light

The VEVE App's 3D virtual showroom allows NFT owners to view their NFT digital collections and use AR filters to take photos with avatars to help create FAN ART-derived content, which gives brands multiple marketing opportunities. In the same year, Coca-Cola also collaborated with VEVE to release the "Christmas Crystal Ball" Christmas NFT marketing campaign, which shows that using NFT to open up the channel of interaction with customers has become a trend!

Halloween NFT Marketing Case|Funko

Funko is a hipster brand from the United States that specializes in fusing pop culture and IP design figures from Disney, Marvel, Ghostbusters, and even Squid Game. Funko has a sizable and devoted fan base, with an official Instagram account that has almost 3.04 million followers. It's perfect to use popular IP characters to release NFTs, hence the launch of Funko's "Digital POP" NFT project. Funko 「Digital POP」NFT 項目。

Last Halloween, Funko launched the Halloween NFT marketing campaign, "Freddy Funko Halloween Collection," using NFT to release a new figurine series with 6 levels of rarity, and customers can draw a figurine on the website to see what they get.

The "Freddy Funko Halloween Collection" Halloween NFT marketing campaign is packaged in two Mystery Boxes: the $9.99 Standard Edition (containing 5 NFT cards) and the $29.99 Premium Edition (containing 15 NFT cards), which are randomly selected by the computer. The NFT inside is randomly selected by the computer, and the user can only see the figurine cards inside after opening the box, making it exciting and interesting. Not every one of them can be used to redeem figurines. The rarest Halloween NFT cards can only be redeemed if they reach Legendary or Grail level.

Funko Digital Pop-Halloween Series. (Image credit: Funko)

Valentine's Day NFT Marketing Case|Disney x VEVE

To celebrate Disney+'s birthday in 2021, Disney and the VEVE platform released the Golden Moments series of NFTs, which feature classic Disney animated images as NFTs, accompanied by a gold statue souvenir of the same image in three dimensions. Disney Golden Moments - Valentine's Day" Valentine's Day limited NFT marketing campaign was launched this year for Western Valentine's Day.

This time, each NFT Mystery Box of Disney's Valentine's Day NFT marketing campaign is priced at $60 and contains either the "Donald Duck and Daisy (13,333 pieces)" or the rarer "Lady and the Tramp (7,777 pieces)" NFTs. This childlike and collectible little gold statue is perfect to give to a cherished one on Valentine's Day.

Promote festive events and bring new and existing customers into the membership community.

National Day NFT Marketing Case|Macy's

This year, Macy's launched a series of Fourth of July NFT marketing programs on July 4 in the United States. In celebration of Macy's 46th Annual Independence Day Fireworks, Macy's is offering a total of 20,000 Fireworks Poster NFTs as a marketing campaign and offers customers free casting while inviting customers to join the newly formed Discord community for follow-up utility.

A total of 10,000 "Macy's Fireworks AR ART Masks" were also pre-released the week before the fireworks event as part of a Fourth of July NFT marketing campaign. The utility includes a wearable virtual fireworks-shaped mask that allows users to view AR fireworks content on social media apps such as Snapchat, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, as well as in Dencentraland to promote the fireworks event.

The Macy's National Day NFT marketing campaign was distributed to the public for free on a first-come, first-served basis. (Image credit: Macy’s)

Christmas NFT Marketing Case|HYPE SECTION

HYPE SECTION, an American local trendy shoe store, launched its Christmas NFT marketing campaign, "Hype Santas," last year, a charity project that released 5,555 NFTs of Santa Claus' PFP images, with all proceeds going to the Chapman Partnership, a local charity that cares for homeless people in the United States. Through the proceeds of NFT, the HYPE SECTION team will host a physical Christmas party for the homeless or disadvantaged, and continue its charitable programs throughout the year, extending the life cycle of festive NFTs.Hype Santas.

HYPE SANTAS is not only a Christmas NFT marketing campaign, but also an ongoing charity project. (Image credit: HYPE SECTION)

Holders of the Hype Santas Christmas NFT marketing campaign will receive commercial rights to the images and subsequent utility. HYPE SECTION has recently airdropped a second NFT in the Discord community to create a Web 3 community culture for the trendy shoe brand. To increase participation in the Christmas NFT marketing campaign, HYPE SECTION has prepared sneakers, prizes and a PS5 for a raffle in the Discord community. Web3 marketing consultant, C-Cubed, believes that the HYPE SECTION case study is a worthy reference for brands operating in local retail.

Are you a local retail brand looking to do NFT and Web3 marketing? Feel free to talk to us.

Dare to enter the metaverse, brands! The metaverse is also celebrating the holidays.

The sense of festivity in the virtual world is becoming more and more real and interesting with the maturing VR/AR technology. NFT has also accelerated the development of these virtual Avatars based on real-life settings, bringing all the real-life things to the platform. Virtual goods have become an important social asset - social currency. Brands should also be moving to the metaverse. Whether it's to increase brand recognition or O2O sales, selling virtual goods can lead to new profit opportunities.

Metaverse Festival Marketing, O2O customer guiding flow

As mentioned in the previous article, Decentraland is holding fashion weeks in the metaverse, and Estée Lauder is also doing O2O (Online to Offline) marketing in it. In fact, games have been synchronized with the reality for years, and the following are some well-known successful examples

Halloween NFT Marketing Case|Chipotle x Metaverse Platform, Roblox

In October 2021, the virtual platform, Roblox, was having Halloween parties everywhere. Chipotle, a famous American fast food chain, had a taco Halloween party for 3 days starting October 28th, allowing players to play Chipotle Boorito Maze and get Chipotle's special Halloween virtual costume props as well as free taco coupons! They allowed players to pick them up at physical stores and stimulated the number of visiting customers during Halloween through O2O via the metaverse channel.

Halloween celebrations were in full swing at the Chipotle Roblox store. (Image credit: Chipotle)

The previous event was so successful that Chiptole held it again at Roblox this April for International Taco Day, where the first 10,000 visitors to the virtual restaurant had the chance to get a free taco, making it a worthy example of metaverse O2O.

Japanese Summer Festival, Valentine's Day NFT Marketing Case|ZEPETO Metaverse

The beauty of brand marketing in the metaverse is the ease of the festive atmosphere! This month, ZEPETO's Japanese Summer Festival began. ZEPETO created a strong Japanese flavor by setting up game platforms with fireworks, cotton candy, and booths. Virtual Japanese yukata and kimonos are also available for players to buy, which was obviously a good opportunity for the brand to engage in festival marketing. While we are celebrating the holidays in reality, the metaverse is also celebrating the holidays!

ZEPETO also held a week-long event for Western Valentine's Day in 2022, inviting players to send virtual chocolates to their loved ones and take sweet couple photos to share on social media. ZEPETO also recommended 5 dating spots on the platform, such as the wedding hall, the camping area, the peace hill and the candy magic tree, inviting players to go on dates there and take couple photos with chocolate in hand. In the end, 10 couples will be selected to receive the best photo award of ZEN$3,000 each.

The ZEPETO Valentine's Day event was fun and interesting, stimulating social interaction between players and other players as they complete their assigned tasks, and brought business opportunities for Valentine's Day virtual goods. (Image credit: ZEPETO)

In fact, there can be a holiday every day in the metaverse!

Festive marketing can not only be synchronized with physical events but can also be completely brand-created festive events. Hyundai Group opened an airport duty-free store in ZEPETO and a virtual car IONIQ 6 showroom. For the recent opening event at the airport, other brands were brought in to do joint marketing activities. Players can unlock game levels, including going to the virtual duty-free store to see the duty-free goods of three designated brands: makeup brand, MAC, Korean ginseng brand, CHEONG KWAN JANG, and Korean trendy clothing brand, MUSINSA, and taking photos in front of the virtual boarding gate with friends, uploading them, and adding designated tags. Officials will select 100 winners and send 5,000 ZEN coins to them.

ZEPETO's Hyundai Airport launched, and the virtual duty-free store became a platform for brand advertising. (Image credit: ZEPETO)

C-Cubed's Viewpoints

Brands selling virtual goods in the metaverse, advertising with NFT and co-marketing are the future trends. For example, giving away in-game gift cards or virtual props during the holiday season is a lucrative opportunity for brands to capitalize on the festive season. Sources also pointed out that Decentraland, a metaverse platform, will bring the entire Times Square 2022 New Year's Eve countdown event to the platform. You can bet that the in-building virtual screens will be covered with ads for a wide variety of brands.

Why should you launch NFT Festive Marketing Campaigns? The key point is that virtual goods can be opened and used immediately after purchase, solving the problem of delayed delivery, which is the advantage of digital goods. In terms of virtual gift NFTs, as soon as the transfer is made to the other party's wallet address, the "ownership" reaches the recipient of the gift. NFTs or virtual goods are therefore excellent candidates for sale and distribution as holiday gifts.

Web3 brand fans are both consumers and players.

In the metaverse, the real world and the online platform merged together like never before (OMO, Online Merge Offline). As the physical economy and the virtual economy merge more smoothly, the festival and the physical space are synchronized in the metaverse, and brand fans are both consumers and players.

Regardless of whether your Web3 brand marketing strategy decides to release NFTs or virtual festival merchandise, the emphasis must shift back to the core of brand marketing: offering incentives for consumers/gamers to participate or buy. It is undoubtedly not just virtualizing brand channels when it comes to offering tangible incentives (financial rewards or gifts), satisfying the need for self-expression (virtual wearables), addressing social or altruistic needs (charitable purposes), or just having fun (GameFi, AR filters, the surprise created by properly utilizing airdrops and Mystery Boxes).

After reading this article, do you have any ideas or thoughts on Web 3 festival marketing or NFT brand marketing that you would like to implement? Click here to schedule a consultation with us.

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